IGW - Ingenieurgesellschaft für Wasserkraftanlagen | Seit 1991 mehr als 600 Projekte in 30 Ländern | Spezialisierung: Kleinwasserkraft


We are a highly specialized company with over 25 years of experience in planning hydroelectric power plants. At our company headquarters in Thuringia, we develop and assist with a wide variety of hydroelectric projects across Germany and worldwide.

Our services include:

  • Planning small hydroelectric power plants as high- or low-pressure plants with an output of up to 15 MW. In addition to the construction of new plants, planning also encompasses the renovation and modernization of existing plants. The spectrum of hydroelectric power plants includes classic river and diversion plants as well as special usages such as drinking and tap water supply, dams, wastewater systems, and miners’ water drainage.
  • Assistance with service phases from 1 to 8 HOAI, from the idea and identification of basics through to approval and design planning as well as production, approval, and documentation.
  • Selection, dimensioning, and implementation of a wide variety of hydroelectric technologies (turbine types, hydroelectric screw turbines, water wheels) and construction methods, taking into consideration economic and physical requirements.
  • Observance of nature-related and ecologically important planning fundamentals in accordance with the European Water Framework Directive (river continuity, species protection, preservation of resources) and international guidelines (ESF World Bank).
  • Skilled advising on funding options in accordance with EEG and other existing funding programs in Germany.
  • Assistance with research projects.
  • Creation of potential and feasibility studies for specific locations as well as for entire regions domestically and abroad.
  • Creation of survey reports and valuation reports by publicly appointed expert, Mr. Richter.