IGW - Ingenieurgesellschaft für Wasserkraftanlagen | Seit 1991 mehr als 600 Projekte in 30 Ländern | Spezialisierung: Kleinwasserkraft

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The IGW mbH works mainly on the renovation of hydroelectric power plants in Saxony and Thuringia, while most new construction is done outside of Germany. Some of the projects/references listed were performed by the IGW, and others were completed by employees during the course of previous working relationships.

Saxony Approx. 50 renovations of hydroelectric power plants with investments of over 47 million euros in approx. 85 projects, project studies, feasibility studies, specialized hydraulics services, statics, fish ladders, general hydraulic engineering)
Thuringia 21 renovations of hydroelectric power plants with investments of over 18 million euros in approx. 55 projects, project studies, feasibility studies, specialized services (hydraulics, statics, fish ladders, general water construction)
Saxony-Anhalt 6 renovations of hydroelectric power plants with investments of over 11 million euros
Baden-Württemberg 3 renovations with approx. 4 million euros
Bavaria 5 renovations with approx. 18 million euros
Lower Saxony 2 renovations, 1 new construction
Brandenburg 3 renovations, 1 new construction, 8 studies
Italy Project management, some planning and construction site management of over 20 hydroelectric power plant projects
Czech Republic Feasibility studies, 3 valuations
Hungary Preliminary assessment/project tests for three projects
Bulgaria Studies and preliminary assessments on five potential locations
Bosnia Feasibility studies for seven locations, implementation planning, tendering and realization of four high-pressure systems
Romania Feasibility studies/planning for six large projects
Kabardino-Balkaria Feasibility study and planning of a new project with an investment of approx. 28 million euros
Mongolia 3 complete new constructions as well as various preliminary assessments, etc.
China 2 new constructions and approx. 15 site appraisals
Pakistan Various feasibility studies for approx. 10 locations, mainly in the field of high-pressure systems
In addition to the planning work that is common knowledge, we continue to work on the following projects:
Research cooperations
  • “Residual Water Turbines”, supported by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, 11/1998 to 10/2000 was our most important, complex scientific work to date
  • “Variable Speed Small Hydroelectric Power Plants”, supported by the federal Ministry for Research and Technology, 02/2006 to 01/2008
  • Graduate degree final projects on various hydroelectric power topics
  • One year of professional mentoring of the “Hydroelectric Power Plant Project Group” of the Fördervereins für Arbeit und Umweltschutz (Development Association for Work and Environmental Protection) Berlin
  • Universities (including Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and TU Dresden)
  • Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt Osnabrück
  • Banks and financial institutions as well as issuance of evaluations of efficiency for banks